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  • The Sweet Valentine Box

    A delightful little package for Valentines Day, available for pickup on February 11th or 14th.

    Comes with;

    • One large deluxe bar, lovingly sprinkled with goodies.
    • Three handmade filled & painted chocolate pralines
    • One filled chocolate finger.
    • One Heart Shaped chocolate pop
    • Two hand molded chocolate roses.


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  • Sweet Change The Chocolate Bear Storybook

    “Sweet Change The Chocolate Bear” The Storybook

    As part of the Centre for Social Justice & Good Works’ new Good Deeds Program: an illustrated childrenโ€™s storybook with an accompanying song, in which children between the ages of six and thirteen are taught and encouraged to do good deeds for the benefit of their friends and family, the environment and their community. A copy of the book will be given to participants of the Sweet Change Good Deeds program but you can purchase your very own copy right here!


    Find out more about the Good Deeds Program


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  • Milk Sweet Bear

    Sweet Change The Chocolate Bear

    Our delicious chocolate, hand molded into Sweet Change The Chocolate Bear. Learn more about Sweet Change the Chocolate Bear here!ย 

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  • Bark


    Thick slabs of pure or layered chocolate, sprinkled liberally with different tasty ingredients of all sorts depending on the season.

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  • Pretzel Rod

    Pretzel Rods

    A freshly baked Pretzel rod, dipped in creamy caramel and then rolled in chocolate and other delicious goodies like nuts or candy depending on the season.

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  • Marshmallow Stick

    Marshmallow Stick

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  • Strawberry Cheesecake Finger

    Little Fingers

    Little bars of goodness, packed to the brim with delicious flavors.

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  • Nut Clusters

    Nut Clusters

    Fresh nuts lovingly coated in pure chocolate for a decadent snack.

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  • Covered Pretzels 3 Pack

    Covered Pretzels 3-Pack

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  • Sweet Pop

    Sweet Pop

    A solid round of our delicious milk chocolate, filled with a host of tasty ingredients like nuts, seeds, salted caramel crisps, cookie crumbs, maple flakes, shortbread crumble and other goodies.

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