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  • Milk Sweet Bear

    Sweet Change Bear

    Our delicious chocolate, now hand-molded into the shape of a friendly bear. Maybe not smarter than the average bear- but definitely more tasty!

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  • Bark


    Thick slabs of pure or layered chocolate, sprinkled liberally with different tasty ingredients of all sorts depending on the season.

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  • Covered Blueberries

    Cone of Chocolate

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  • Maple Pecan Nibblers

    Maple Pecan Nibblers

    Fresh crunchy pecans liberally coated in a blend of our white chocolate and Maple Syrup. All the rich flavor of a Pecan pie, but without the sticky mess.

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  • Pretzel Rod

    Pretzel Rods

    A freshly baked Pretzel rod, dipped in creamy caramel and then rolled in chocolate and other delicious goodies like nuts or candy depending on the season.

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  • Marshmallow Stick

    Marshmallow Stick

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  • Strawberry Cheesecake Finger

    Little Fingers

    Little bars of goodness, packed to the brim with delicious flavors.

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  • Nut Clusters

    Nut Clusters

    Fresh nuts lovingly coated in pure chocolate for a decadent snack.

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  • Covered Pretzels 3 Pack

    Covered Pretzels 3-Pack

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  • Sweet Pop

    Sweet Pop

    A solid round of our delicious milk chocolate, filled with a host of tasty ingredients like nuts, seeds, salted caramel crisps, cookie crumbs, maple flakes, shortbread crumble and other goodies.

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