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  • Chocolate Truffles

    Traditional Chocolate Ganache Truffles, White Chocolate & Pistachio All the delicious flavor of Pistachios, without any shells to crack. We blend fresh Pistachios with our white chocolate ganache to make this creamy and nutty truffle filling. Turtles Inspired by the Turtles Chocolates of the same name, our Turtle Truffles find their own balance of flavors with rich caramel and fresh…

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  • Assorted Filled Chocolates

    Our filled chocolate Assortments come with a wide variety of flavors designed to delight & excite- if you would like to customize the flavors of your box, please reach out to us so we can make sure you get exactly what you want!  

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  • Large Deluxe Bar

    A bar of our pure rich Belgian chocolate, filled with a host of tasty ingredients like nuts, seeds, salted caramel crisps, cookie crumbs, maple flakes, shortbread crumble and other goodies depending on season & availability. Call or Email ahead and ask what is fresh and available!

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  • English Toffee Bar

    Rich and buttery, with a firm snap and a crisp texture that doesn’t stick to your teeth, our home-made Toffee is coated in our milk or dark chocolate and then tossed in an assortment of delicious nutty crumbles.

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  • Large Bar

    Nothing but our pure rich Belgian chocolate, in our largest bar format. Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate.

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  • Little Fingers

    Little bars of goodness, packed to the brim with delicious flavors.

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  • Footprint Bar

    Nothing but our pure rich Belgian chocolate, in a bar bearing a warm relief of little footprints in the sand. Available in Milk or Dark chocolate.

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  • Maple Leaf Pair

    A pair of painted chocolate Maple Leaves, one Milk and one Dark- filled with a “not-too-sweet” Maple-chocolate blend.

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