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Decadent Truffles & handmade chocolate pralines filled with a variety of flavors.

Some of our Filling Flavors:

Please note that the designs of our filled chocolates are constantly changing and improving, so designs represented here may not reflect the look of the chocolates in your assortment. We would be happy to paint custom designs & colors for custom orders of Filled Chocolates for Weddings or other events.

Cara Crackine

A mix of caramel, milk chocolate cream and toasted biscuit pieces for an authentic caramel taste with a surprising crunchy texture.

Pistachio Crackine

All the delicious crispy-creamy-caramel of our Cara Crackine filled chocolates, now with a layer of Pistachios.


Beauty in simplicity, Mint has always been a friend to chocolate- and we would not want to come between them!  Filled with blended chocolate ganache and pure peppermint oil.

Dulce Hazelnut

This chocolate is filled with Dulce De Leche, a confection from Latin America prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a caramel-like filling that derives its sweet flavor from the Maillard reaction- layered on top of our Hazelnut Cream for an astounding blast of nutty flavor.

Lavender Citrus Mint

An astoundingly fresh tasting Lavender ganache with a burst of peppermint and fruity citrus. A stroll through the wildflowers, sipping lemonade on a hot sunny day.

Salted Caramel

Sometimes you want a little balance to your sweetness. Fresh caramel made in-house and paired with fresh sea salt for a complex flavor and smooth feel.


We’d not be a Canadian chocolate company if we didn’t offer some delicious Maple treats. Our Maple Cream filling is made with fresh maple syrup from Algoma, so when you take a bite you know you are supporting local Canadian producers.


A filled chocolate for those who simply must have hot fudge on their Ice-Cream Sunday. This chocolate is simple, yet rich and powerful without any distractions.


A chocolate for those coffee lovers who never stray far from a fresh pot. Our Mocha filling is detailed and complex without being too powerful, like the first sip at the start of the day.

Hazelnut Cream

For all Hazelnut & Nutella lovers, our Hazelnut Cream filling is a smooth blend of fresh hazelnut butter and chocolate ganache.


For those who just cannot get enough caramel flavor. These filled chocolates have nothing, but a burst of fresh creamy caramel guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

Buttered Rum

Inspired by the warm soothing beverage of the same name, our Buttered Rum filled chocolates blend white chocolate ganache with a rich buttery rum flavoring that has a just a hint of spice.


Chocolate dipped Strawberries, the quintessential Chocolate & Fruit pairing- now beautifully recreated as a creamy strawberry and white ganache mixture inside each of these filled chocolates.